Fotolia 44621683 smHere are some of the most frequently asked questions:

1. How can we get help so we can take a trip to the mountains for 2 days? We need someone to stay at home with Dad.

Seniors in Transition can help find respite care options that meet your family’s needs.

2. My mother isn’t eating well at home. Does that mean she has to move?

Care managers can help assess when a loved one simply needs in-home assistance, or if they require more advanced care. Each situation is evaluated before we develop an appropriate course of action.

3. My mother cannot tell me what her doctor said and has trouble remembering when to go to her doctor's appointment. Can a care manager help?

Yes. Care managers can accompany clients to medical appointments.

4. My mother has some trouble reading her newspaper. Is there a device that might help her read?

Care managers can help you locate adaptive devices needed for your loved one.

5. My parents cannot take their medications properly. What can we do about that?

A Seniors in Transition care manager can assist with medication management.


If you find yourself asking any of the following questions, please call Seniors in Transition immediately to see how we can help. 

  • If we take away the car, how can my dad get his groceries and get to his church?
  • Is there someone who can test my mother’s driving skills and reflexes?
  • My mother is falling a lot. Could she get tested by someone? How can we prevent the falls?
  • What happens if my mother falls and she can’t get to the phone?
  • Who can put grab bars in my father’s bathroom?
  • My sister thinks she knows everything my mother needs. Could you see if my mother is safe at my sister’s house?
  • How do we get rid of too many things in our parent’s house so they can downsize?
  • My mother's vision is blurry. Could she have macular degeneration?
  • I heard the government will pay for my mom to live in assisted living. Is that true?
  • My parents have important papers scattered all over their apartment. They won’t let me help organize them. Can a care manager do that?
  • What is an assessment, and what will I learn about my mother? Why do I need one?
  • My parents’ house used to be very clean. Now, every time I go there I see more and more dirt, spoiled food in the refrigerator, and dirty carpets. What should I do?
  • My father keeps telling me the same stories all of the time. Does that mean he has dementia?
  • What is the difference between Alzheimer’s and dementia?
  • Why can my mother play the piano, but she doesn’t know her own address or her physician’s name? Does she have Alzheimer’s?

For more information, please call 970-204-6977 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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