Music to Soothe the Weary Caregiver

Piano keys with a Christmas ornament on themCaregiving is an emotionally and physically demanding role. Even the most dedicated Colorado caregivers may find themselves getting short-tempered and tearful from the stress it causes. It isn’t uncommon for caregivers to develop high blood pressure, headaches, and frequent colds because they are juggling caregiving with all of their other daily responsibilities.

Before you consider turning to medications and other healthcare interventions to manage your stress, there is an alternative form of therapy that just might help. Music therapy has been found to work for everything from calming agitation in older adults who live with Alzheimer’s disease to boosting the moods of patients with life-limiting illnesses.

Benefits of Music Therapy for Colorado Caregivers 

Music is a universal language. It can help to promote healing and boost moods. Studies done in the United Kingdom show that music therapy can reduce depression by as much as 25%. Relaxation music can be especially helpful. Listening to Celtic, classical, or Indian music for 30 minutes a day can significantly lower blood pressure. It can be an avenue for stressed-out caregivers to use to try to relax and unwind. Music therapy improves both health and quality of life.

Over the past decade, researchers have discovered that heart rates can be influenced by the speed of music a person listens to. If fast-paced, lively music is played, the heart rate speeds up. When music slows down, so does the heart rate. Relaxation music helps to lower cortisol levels in the body and to increase hormones that improve immune response and elevate endorphin levels.

Music Therapy Resources for Caregivers to Explore

If you are a Colorado caregiver interested in learning more about music therapy for yourself and for the senior loved one you care for, these resources can be of help:


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